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Hello! My name is Jasmin Pannu and I’m an artist based in the Toronto, Canada area.

You should know though, “artist” is a title I’ve been claiming since childhood. After all, how else would I have classified my early feats such as colouring my finger nails with marker?

In hindsight, whether or not the title was earned back then is debatable. But, since then I’ve continuously challenged myself with the task of creating more and creating better.

In a non-linear series of events, I’ve specialized as a destination wedding henna artist, taught art workshops in schools, won three grants to fund my artistic endeavours, sold custom hand-painted shoes internationally, shown art twice at the Royal Ontario Museum, painted 600+ sq ft of murals for a world-famous experiential pop up and live painted for one of the biggest street festivals in the world.

With that said, here’s a real photo of my path as an artist.

I'm somewhere in the middle.

I'm somewhere in the middle.

These cumulative experiences with art and experimentation have led me to create my current bodies of art. I’m a multi-disciplinary artist because creativity breeds creativity. Ideas, concepts, elements of design transfer from one form of an art to another.

Another common connector of my works in murals, custom paintings and illustrations and body art is the philosophy behind each piece. The glyphs that precede my signature refer to a process- to challenge, to create, to transform. This ideology guides me, personally, as much as it does my art.


While "Jasmin, Artist" makes for an easy introduction, it’s incomplete. I believe that we’re all multi-faceted, strange creatures that are well beyond a one-worder.

I'm an Artist. But I’m also an avid-reader, writer, animal and plant lover, runner, and above all, I’m on a hero’s journey to live a life full of abundance, magic and beauty.  

There’s no doubt that my art is sculpted by all of these things that I identify with. So, if I’ve offered even the slightest of a glimpse into that, I’m happy to have shared.

After all, if our paths happen to converge or if you buy my art you’ll now have a more intimate understanding of the compilation of events, narratives and time that have led to the making of your artwork. 

Thanks for reading,

Jasmin Pannu

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Pictured above, Jasmin Pannu working on her illustration series in her home art studio in the Greater Toronto Area.

Jasmin Pannu Artist Features, Interviews and Media

Jasmin Pannu’s work has been featured by art media agencies, creative companies and press publications. Below are links to a few articles and videos in which Jasmin speaks about topics related to her career as an Artist.

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In this video with the popular temporary body-art company, Inkbox, Jasmin explains the difference in uses and application between Henna and Inkbox while drawing on her experience using both. Watch it here.

In this video with Revive Films, Jasmin tells her story as an Artist and entrepreneur as part of their ‘Featured’ series- a collection of films featuring Canadian talent. Watch it here.

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In this podcast with Design Your Thinking, Jasmin tells her story about establishing a career in the arts and the marketing portion of entrepreneurship. Listen here.

In this video with No Filter Toronto, Jasmin leads a painting party with the hosts while they talk about everything from art to women in entrepreneurship. Watch it here.

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Press and Media Coverage, Jasmin Pannu

Jasmin’s work has gained nation-wide media coverage after completing a string of high-profile art projects and exhibitions. Here are a few,

In this interview with the Brampton Guardian, Jasmin chats about her series of commissioned murals at Happy Place. Read it here.

In this live interview on Breakfast Television, Jasmin chats with Stella from City News about her Maple Leafs mural. Watch it here.

In this article, Jasmin talks with CBC Arts about her contribution to the immersive arts trend and hand painting murals. Read it here.


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