Henna/Jagua Art by Jasmin

Using henna and jagua pastes, Jasmin creates intricate body art. The freehand art ranges from traditional celebratory designs with henna to temporary tattoos with jagua gel and Inkbox.

Based in the Greater Toronto area, Jasmin services the locality with personal and group henna appointments and is available for travel worldwide. Jasmin has attended several overseas destination weddings to create beautiful and traditional henna art on location for the bride and guests.

Using jagua paste, Jasmin accepts both personal appointments at her studio to create temporary tattoo artworks and event bookings where she creates flash tattoo designs in and around Toronto. Jasmin has worked with brands like Inkbox and TIFF to bring the fun and excitement of artist-drawn temporary tattoos to events.

Jasmin is always a pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail and ability to create intricate patterns is astounding
— Sarah, Director of Artist Community at Inkbox

Jasmin’s henna and jagua artistry have been featured in some of the biggest names in the industry:

Henna and Jagua Artist Brampton Jasmin Pannu Inkbox.jpg

Book a Body Art Appointment

Inkbox or jagua gel artist pricing based on tattoo size:

$35 (small) $55 (medium) $100 (large) / $100 (half-sleeve) $150 (full-sleeve)

Henna artist party pricing: $80/ hourly

Henna bridal artist pricing:

$300 (simple + modern design on hands and feet) - $800 (heavy traditional design beyond elbows and knees)

  1. Provide details of your inquiry (henna/inkbox/jagua + date preference)

  2. Pricing and availability will be confirmed

  3. Once clear, the appointment is booked - care instructions for your temporary body art will be provided

(Curious about the difference in henna and jagua pastes? Watch this video on Jasmin explaining henna and Inkbox.)

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