Hand Painted Murals by Jasmin

Jasmin has painted over 60 murals in the Greater Toronto Area, ranging from accent wall art to full-area hand-painted walls. You may recognise her paintings from:

  • Happy Place Toronto, seven mural wall paintings

  • Food Fight BBQ, Brampton, restaurant wall mural

  • Playtopia, Vaughan, castle wall mural

  • Hot Yoga Wellness, Brampton, brave and kind accent wall mural

Jasmin’s wall art can be found in business like local restaurants and nurseries, private residences, offices and experiential pop-ups looking to add an artistic touch to their space. Her murals have been featured by CBC Arts, Breakfast Television and The Guardian, to name a few.

Jasmin has made a name for herself as a Muralist by creating interactive wall paintings that engage and attract visitors to the wall art. She works closely with her clients to design a mural that compliments the space.

“Amazing art job by Jasmin at our restaurant, completed on time with great perfection.”
— Hyderabad House, Restaurant Owner

Here are a few businesses that have trusted Jasmin to create personalised murals for their space:

Tropical Leaves Mural_Jasmin Pannu_Hand Painted Walls Business Home_ Toronto Area_Muralist-min.jpg

Commission a Mural

Custom murals range from $10/sq ft to $25/sq ft depending on intricacy of design.

The wall art is priced to include all materials including paint and local travel in the Greater Toronto Area.

  1. A Phone Consultation will allow Jasmin to gauge the project and gather important details like completion date, square footage and the desired look and feel of the wall art

  2. A quote and mock sketch of the mural artwork will be provided for review

  3. Once clear, the on-site completion of the mural will be underway- and your space will have its own mural!

Send over a message about your mural project:

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